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He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.  John 7:38  
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He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.  John 7:38  
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There is not enough money to pay for the gift of knowledge and experience that Billy so openly shares as he takes you to see... what others call a Safari! Billy gave us far more of an adventure on that sunny beautiful day in the national forest! We are so thankful to Billy and so thankful to our Heavenly Father!!

There were quite a variety of animals, but most often seen are the deer type families, monkeys, and many elephants. In this park, you will know that the elephants reign over all! Usually, by the nature of elephants, they are very peaceful and very family oriented! But if someone tries to hurt their family, they can be violent! We stopped to see a group of elephants. The family stood around one and another part of the family stood around the other one that was sleeping. In the 30 years that Billy has been guiding people through the park, he has only seen an elephant lay down and rest a few times. This is a rare occasion to be able to see this gentle protection in their life. We waited about 10 minutes and one of the elephants arose and a few minutes later the other one rose up. They were 23 months old and one was about 1 week old! What a blessing that we got to see this surprising way of elephants!

As you see the Impalas…they are medium size red antelope with big horns and “M” on their backside. The story is that an American came and said they should have named the Impala.... "McDonald because of the big “M” on their backside! One small Impala had a little bird land on his back! You will see him try to get the bird off. Also, notice the wart hog families as the Mom and Dad stay close with their babies…if they sense you are near, they run away quickly. Watch for the monkey sitting up in the tree as he will be watching you!

This most recent trip to Africa was for 45 days! Again, God sent just Joseph and Emily with their Almighty God! October 12, 2015, we left Atlanta, GA USA to land first in Addis Ababa and then to Lalibela, Ethiopia for the third time in the last two years....a town where God does miracles! We were blessed to minister almost every day in beautiful Lalibela where gentle breeze blows through the mountains. The people are gentle and kind and their life reflects the gentle breeze of God's Love upon them and upon Lalibela! After 20 days of God truly being God as we ministered encouragement and watched as God moved powerfully…over and over again! We are always sad to leave our beloved friends of Lalibela, but we keep the memories always of the move of God in behalf of His children!

On November 5th, we arrived in Blantyre, Malawi to share the gospel with Pastors Michael and Christine and the 12 churches they oversee! Many miracles happened and we give all Glory to God! Before we left Malawi on November 26th, the Lord Jesus Christ blessed us to be still and know He is God! During that time, God took us on the adventure with Billy to the national park. God gave us the pleasure to enjoy His creation and learn more about the animals. The night before in prayer, God said that He would surprise us and the guide. That is exactly what God did! Alelulia! It was a wonderful time for us to truly be still and Know that He is God!

We were nearing the end of our trip in Africa and would be flying back to America on December 4th, 2015. God was so wonderful and God did what only God does! He set the captive free! He healed the sick! He made the lame to walk! He opened ears to hear clearly! He healed many broken hearts and wounded spirits. He healed soul wounds! He restored families! He was Jehovah Jireh to His children, their Provider! He saved many souls and washed them in the blood of Jesus and they gave their hearts to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior! He welcomed the backslider back into His Kingdom and loved them forevermore! He was God Almighty! As our precious friend always says, “We stand in awe at the magnificence of our God!” What Joseph and Emily always say, “Is anything too hard for God? No, nothing is impossible with God!” God was truly God in every way! All Glory to God for the great things He has done! All Glory to God for who He is...the Great I Am!
When we trust and obey God and His plan; then the true blessings of the Lord seem to shower upon us! Those blessings we are so thankful to our Heavenly Father for His loving kindness and His divine blessings! 

This video is the blessing of a man named Billy, whom God touched his heart and he gave us a gift of the knowledge of the way of life of the animal kingdom in the national park. What a wonderful man who has a vision for the people of Malawi, Africa! 

After working very hard all his life, he provided a hotel for visitors to rest in addition to a Safari that is affordable to all! Billy loves the animals and the people and what he teaches! 
Safari In National Park November 22, 2015 Ministers Joseph and Emily Sortino and Guide Billy on recent Africa trip!